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     As the SPOKES PERSON for ASPIRE you are the face of MODERN DAY UNIVERSE and YOURSELF. You will also be responsible for upholding the positive reputation and image of: you and our company on-and-off-camera. This includes but is not limited to you providing personable social media content of your life representing yourself on behalf of yourself and the company frequently. This role will involve providing quality 10-15 minute videos of ASPIRING content. You will be provided with information and will be given general direction of the topic-of-emphasis weekly. You are essentially a "host", so you will have to be able to handle impromptu situations flawlessly. We are looking for an authentic personality. Just be your self! We are not looking for calming or relaxed, or a personality with too much character. We are looking for a person that people will want to engage and connect with. There is no specific way...just be REAL and engaging. When in doubt, go for personable.

     Regarding supplies and such, we will provide them for you with a starter-pack that will include: laptop, tablet, phone, and a few other supplies that we believe you may need to be at your best on-and-off camera. This way, we can keep in touch and you can shoot ASPIRING content on the go while keeping us in formed. We will have, essentially, a traveling film crew with you. This way we can shoot you from anywhere.


$40,000.00 Monthly Salary + Bonuses


  • 30 Days Vacation

  • 7 Days Bereavement Leave

  • 10 Days Paid Time Off

  • 3 Days Sick Leave

  • 84 Days of FMLA (Unpaid Time Off) Hospitalization/Medical/Birth/Adoption Leave

  • 84-280 Days of Company Paternal/Maternal Birth/Adoption Leave

  • $1,500 Monthly Car Incentive Bonus

  • Full Elite Health/Hospitalization/Dental/Vision Family Insurance on all dependents claimed

  • $1,200 Day Care per child in kindergarten and under on all offsprings including legal adoptions

  • We pay 25% towards your pension

  • 401k Contribution

  • End of year bonuses...amount depends on individual performance 

Smiling Model


 1. Degree or Field Experience...preferably both:

  • Drama Degree


  • 10 Years in acting/performing in any entertainment field

2. Comprehensive understanding of:

  • Drama 

  • Business

  • General Health

  • Social Awareness

  • Cultures

  • Meta Physics

  • Quantum Physics

  • Politics

3. Principles and Character:

  • Amiable

  • Honest

  • Integrity

  • High Ethics

  • High Morals

  • Polite

  • Compassion

  • Understanding

  • Respectful

  • Patience

  • Wise

  • Savvy

  • Social Awareness

  • Fair & Just

  • Stern

  • Disciplined

  • Determined

  • Persistant

  • Evidential

  • Strong Work Ethics

  • Punctual

  • Leadership

  • Listener

  • Self Motivating

  • Motivational

  • Team Player

  • Inclusive

  • Openminded

  • Conscious

  • Knowledgeable

  • Intellectual

  • Inquisitive

  • Creative


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