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A LEGAL GENERAL ATTORNEY EMPLOYEE is responsible for maintaining the workflow given by managers follow orders on how they can best serve MODERN DAY UNIVERSE and teams of our other legal departments. They also follow schedules and meet deadlines to prevent gaps or downtime while giving direction and feedback about what needs improvement.

The LEGAL GENERAL ATTORNEY EMPLOYEE is also responsible for advising and representing MODERN DAY UNIVERSE in courts as an assistant to the SUPERVISOR and MANAGER, before government agencies, and in private legal matters. Communicate with their clients, colleagues, judges, and others involved in the case. Conduct research and analysis of legal problems. Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses.


$10,000.00 Monthly Salary


    • 30 Days Vacation

    • 7 Days Bereavement Leave

    • 10 Days Paid Time Off

    • 3 Days Sick Leave

    • 84 Days of FMLA (Unpaid Time Off) Hospitalization/Medical/Birth/Adoption Leave

    • 84-280 Days of Company Paternal/Maternal Birth/Adoption Leave

    • $250 Monthly Car Incentive Bonus

    • Full Elite Health/Hospitalization/Dental/Vision Family Insurance on all dependents claimed

    • $1,200 Day Care per child in kindergarten and under on all offsprings including legal adoptions

    • We pay 25% towards your pension

    • 401k Contribution

    • End of year bonuses...amount depends on individual performance
Businessman Thinking


 1. Degree or Field Experience...preferably both:

• Any Juris Doctor Degree from an accredited Law School.


• 1+ Years in operating in any legal field

2. Comprehensive understanding of:

•Excellent legal techniques, follow-through, team work mind frame, and self-discipline qualities

• Member in good standing of Texas bar

• Demonstrated outstanding research, writing and speaking skills

• Demonstrated litigation skills

• Ability to understand, interpret and apply general laws and regulations

• Strong computer skills, especially with Microsoft office suite, Apple equivalent, and Westlaw

• Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously within strict deadlines with great accuracy

• Excellent organizational skills, ability to manage multiple projects at once, and meet deadlines

• Commitment to quality service at all times

• Recent successful bar examinees encouraged to apply

3. Principles and Character:

• Amiable

• Honest

• Integrity

• High Ethics

• High Morals

• Polite

• Compassion

• Understanding

• Respectful

• Patience

• Wise

• Savvy

• Social Awareness

• Fair & Just

• Stern

• Disciplined

• Determined

• Persistant

• Evidential

• Strong Work Ethics

• Punctual

• Leadership

• Listener

• Self Motivating

• Motivational

• Team Player

• Inclusive

• Openminded

• Conscious

• Knowledgeable

• Intellectual

• Inquisitive

• Creative

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