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JULY 1st 2022


As the PERSONAL ASSISTANT to the EXECUTIVE you are to assist in whatever the EXECUTIVE may need you to do such as help directing the operation of the company. This may include advice in better ways in planning, and coordinating operational activities for MODERN DAY UNIVERSE and may from time to time assist the EXECUTIVE with the task to devising policies and strategies to meet company goals. This may include assisting the EXECUTIVE where traveling will be necessary for meetings, conferences, and visiting regional, local, national, or international company meetings. Overall your responsible for assisting the EXECUTIVE in implementing duties instructed to the EXECUTIVE by all the CHIEF OFFICERS, and day to day operations to ensure company fulfills goals bare minimum, preferably exceeds them. Type of work may also include small-large task, including errands, given by the EXECUTIVE that will aid in the EXECUTIVE to be able to better perform or focus on more important matters for the company. 


$12,400.00 Monthly Salary


    • 30 Days Vacation

    • 7 Days Bereavement Leave

    • 10 Days Paid Time Off

    • 3 Days Sick Leave

    • 84 Days of FMLA (Unpaid Time Off) Hospitalization/Medical/Birth/Adoption Leave

    • 84-280 Days of Company Paternal/Maternal Birth/Adoption Leave

    • $1,500 Monthly Car Incentive Bonus

    • Full Elite Health/Hospitalization/Dental/Vision Family Insurance on all dependents claimed

    • $1,200 Day Care per child in kindergarten and under on all offsprings including legal adoptions

    • We pay 25% towards your pension

    • 401k Contribution

    • End of year bonuses...amount depends on individual performance
Businessman Thinking


 1. Degree or Field Experience...preferably both:

• Any Business Associate Degree

• Any Marketing Associate Degree

• Any Engineering Associate Degree

• Any IT Associate Degree

• Any Social Science Associate Degree


• 5 Years in assisting head of operations in any field

2. Comprehensive understanding of:

• Business Operations

• Coding

• UX/UI Design

• Marketing

• Sales

• Financials

• Business and Tax Laws

• Actuary

3. Principles and Character:

• Amiable

• Honest

• Integrity

• High Ethics

• High Morals

• Polite

• Compassion

• Understanding

• Respectful

• Patience

• Wise

• Savvy

• Social Awareness

• Fair & Just

• Stern

• Disciplined

• Determined

• Persistant

• Evidential

• Strong Work Ethics

• Punctual

• Leadership

• Listener

• Self Motivating

• Motivational

• Team Player

• Inclusive

• Openminded

• Conscious

• Knowledgeable

• Intellectual

• Inquisitive

• Creative


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