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Do you know what are the "Do's" & "Don'ts" of business are?

Business is all about flow. With that said, the do and don’ts. Let’s start of with the “DO’s”.


  • Always have a well-organized schedule and follow it religiously!

  • Always be careful what you say.

  • Always use your competitors to your advantage.

  • Always say less than necessary.

  • Always guard your reputation, and that of your business, with your life!

  • Always go big or go home. Outshine everyone else at your level

  • Always leverage

  • Always personally take responsibility for everything.

  • Always make the demand. Create it if you must!

  • Always win arguments through action every time.

  • Always avoid anyone who is unhappy and negative– they will plague you.

  • Always make everyone dependent upon you.

  • Always be careful what you say, and always be truthful.

  • Always destroy your enemies with generosity!

  • Always appeal to other people self-interest.

  • Always present yourself respectfully– including countenance & demeanor.

  • Always have your eyes wide open and peeled for the deceitful.

  • Always surrender if you believe you are about to be defeated– this buys you time.

  • Always focus!

  • Always destroy anyone who comes against you and your company by being so much more successful, that they could never compete.

  • Always keep them guessing.

  • Always make them come to you not the other way around!

  • Always be the one that periodically & graciously makes an appearance to others, to keep them on their toes.

  • Always be a chameleon.

  • Always be extremely good at one thing– harness your ability and perfect it!

  • Always be idolized.

  • Always play to your market­ before to try to mold your market to you!

  • Always be evolving.

  • Always keep your hands clean.

  • Always be bold when it comes to taking action!

  • Always be prepared including the unexpected!

  • Always make it look easy!!! ALWAYS!!!

  • Always play to people’s fantasies because they’ll never believe anything else.

  • Always maintain control– and be in control.

  • Always be ready so you never have to get ready!

  • Always believe your royalty and act like one!

  • Always be punctual and professional at all times– even in your home life. It is not just a job it is a life style!

  • Always remain composed!

  • Always behave like a lady or gentlemen– which is to make everyone else feel comfortable.

  • Always be a free thinker to yourself!

  • Always be generous– everyone will love you for it!

  • Always carve your own path.

  • Always handle problems immediately and at the core!

  • Always influence others to do their jobs!

  • Always lead and direct!

  • Always give respect and be of the highest self-disciplined.

  • Always be your own master, royalty, divine being!

  • Always take everything one step at a time!

  • Always delegate!

  • Always be on top of things.

  • Always only give enough to keep them happy, clueless, and at bay– such as giving harmless vice or they will turn on you because of their insecurities.

  • Always appear powerful but not faultless.

  • Always know when to stop.

  • Always have a plan.

  • Always take it one step at a time.

  • Always be doing something.

  • Always be fluid like water!


  • Never let them see you coming.

  • Never trust anyone.

  • Never reveal your true intentions (basically keep your own secrets).

  • Never outshine any competitor above you.

  • Never argue!

  • Never surround yourself with less than happy successful people.

  • Never be honest!

  • Never believe anyone really cares about you, because trust and believe there is always something in it for them!

  • Never underestimate anyone for anything.

  • Never mistake kindness for weakness.

  • Never be predictable.

  • Never isolate yourself– that is very dangerous.

  • Never offend anyone– you never know who you are dealing with.

  • Never commit to anyone– for anything! EVER!!!

  • Never be defeated.

  • Never spread yourself too thin.

  • Never be the bearer of bad news– get someone else to do it and take responsibility for it!

  • Never regress.

  • Never enter anything without a plan to the end, and at every avenue that can happen.

  • Never be used as a puppet.

  • Never let them see you sweat.

  • Never rush– remember that is where the devil will get you!

  • Never get caught slipping.

  • Never give your true opinion, unless it is of that of your inner and outer audience!

  • Never fall prey to your own emotions or that of others.

  • Never accept anything for free– there is always a far more burdensome catch!

  • Never get lost in other people and predecessor’s shadows.

  • Never allow anything to escalate!

  • Never coerce or they will resent you!

  • Never demand or ask!

  • Never believe or allow yourself become a victim. You are always responsible for your own outcome!

  • Never rely on anyone!

  • Never change too many things at once. People will revolt!

  • Never appear superior!

  • Never appear faultless!

  • Never admit to anything!

  • Never let success get the best of you.

  • Never give up!

  • Never be overconfident– that’s when you are the most venerable.

  • Never be tangible!

There you have it. The DO’s & DON’TS of business!

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