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What is the difference between “Law” and “Legal”?

To start off, you have to know there is a vast difference between LAW and LEGAL!

Question you may ask is, “how”?

Now…can you give me the EXACT definition of LAW?

Of course not!! Not even the most sophisticated lawyer can tell you that! What most do, is look it up online and call it a day…But, have you ever looked it up in a LAW dictionary—the same dictionary that all lawyers have access to and very little use. I tell you this, you cannot check these books out from a public/private library, because it is against most governments’ legal statutes. Now understand I did NOT say LAW, because there are only 4 MAIN laws and 3 different levels of LAWS…that’s right EVERY LAW that exist falls under 3 main levels of LAW, the legal statutes fall under 1, and ONLY 1 "LAW" (legal statutes). Now let me tell you what the definition is verbatim (word for word):


  • LAW: God’s Law

  • LEGAL: The undoing of God’s Law

Yes!!! This is the EXACT definition. Which means that the legal system is “the undoing of God’s Law”. So, lawyers go and study “God’s Law” only to practice the “Undoing of ‘God’s Law’”. Most lawyers (including experienced) do not know this. Because, they are taught the system and how to fill out paperwork. The practice comes usually from getting hired or from internship. Otherwise, they only know paperwork. It actually is not that hard to study the Law. It is tedious but not hard.


So, lawyers have existed since we can date back to civilizations existing. The actual known existence of Law and Lawyers have been around for quite some time. Now, for the legal system…that existed only when “The Virgin Queen”—Queen Elizabeth the first, existed. She created her own form of LAW and she called it "LEGAL" (Only people of higher status could translate Latin, and her being of royalty certainly could). So, when she called it LEGAL everyone went along not realizing that it literally was just created .This was so she could keep a better control of the people so that they would not revolt against her as easily, and if they did she could LEGALLY hack them off. Now, based on one of the three laws...there is only one that can accept LEGAL statutes, and guess what— it is WATER LAWS. That’s right! All your frivolous laws you can imagine fall under WATER LAWS. This is your SUPER LAW, the next LAW that supersedes that is- SUPERIOR LAW, which is LAND LAWS, and last is SUPREME LAWS— which is AIR LAWS. I can tell you most lawyers do NOT know that! They may know the legal system but they do NOT know the actual LAW. For if they did, they would discover that they would have no place in this world. It is TRUE. You cannot claim any law until you have claimed all rights to all 3 laws, and you need this in document proof, approved, and recognized by an official government entity…there is a process.


Did you know that NO ONE can throw you in jail unless they have 3 signatures! Yes, that is correct. Now, for this to work, you have to claim all 3 rights-- which is all 3 jurisdictions a Judge has over you! If you own all 3 of your rights (jurisdiction) no judge can throw you in jail or prison. It is against the LAW which supersedes the LEGAL STATUES. However, they can if you do not own all 3 of your jurisdictions. Because the 3 signatures is signing away your spirit (Judge signs there), your flesh (the prosecutor), and your lawyer (your soul)– by the way, all lawyers if they want to practice the legal statutes and keep their license to practice as a lawyer in the legal system (Basically practice the undoing of God’s Law) they have to sign over your soul to the judge and prosecuting attorney. With all that said, you do not have to be a lawyer know the law. All you have to know how to do is read and comprehend!


The reason you are unable to use your religious belief, that of the courts, or the constitution in a proceeding in a court room for any counts/acts against you by the government is; because you do not own all 3 of your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS (ARE YOU STARTING TO NOTICE A COMMON THEME HERE? YOU BETTER OWN AND KNOW YOUR 3 GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OR BE A SLAVE TO THE SYSTEM). Basically you are seen as a dead entity, property of the government (businesses and citizens/persons/residents are all recognized as dead entities— non-living soles/souls and they can do with an "entity" however they please, because it is not alive based on context. Due to, the sole/soul has been signed over with or without consent. It is LAWFUL under WATER LAWS to do this— in other words, you have given up your WATER RIGHTS). You cannot own 1 or 2 for you to override the law, you have to own ALL 3 rights! That is why the immigrants have more right to this land than any Citizen/Person/Residents (dead entity) do. But, because they come over to sign documents giving up their rights (unknowingly) they no longer have those rights. So you see the LAW is not corrupt…it is the fact that most do not know it and therefore become susceptible to those that do. It is like living on the water and experience WATER LAWS on land. That is because in 1868 our country became a business— WATER LAWS, (By LAND LAWS no president can ever or have ever been a lawyer. But, I guess that is good for presidents that are part of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CO. They are not breaking the law, they are aiding in the ignorance of it for all).

Also in LAND LAWS, which is where government laws resides, you can only be arrested if you bodily injured, molested, raped, or murdered someone. Otherwise, they cannot touch you no matter what! But first, you have to claim all 3 of your rights. Why do you think that diplomats have diplomatic immunity? It is because they own all 3 of their rights. If you did, you would have it as well. How about that! Welcome to politics, love, and war (All which fall under WATER LAWS— statutes).

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