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Do you know what the most important laws you need to know for your business are?

Starting off you should know that ALL Business Laws fall under Water Laws.

Water Laws can only be regulated NOT interfered (If owned by all 3 primary Rights, otherwise it can be interfered). In Lameman terms: only the strongest , swiftest, richest, and wisest will conquer “the seven seas”. So, with that said, be good or be good at it!


  • First Laws you should be privy to in business is, Tax Laws. Did you know that all Tax Lawyers are the only ones registered to be “Criminal” Lawyers. Fascinating, right? So yes, get familiar with Tax Laws. They change every year so brush up on them. You can view it were every C.P.A. view all tax laws, It is usually around 500 pages give or take. So take every year to read them. This will help significantly with tax reductions, cuts, and to make sure you are compliant with the government– they mean business (pun intended). This is for all public businesses. Private business are subjected to different tax laws (Far more simple and cheaper. Max you’ll ever have to pay is sales tax and that’s it).


  • Second Law you should know about is Laws regarding your specific entity (this can massively vary). Such as: if you need a license, permits, and etc. This can cause major fines if you do not have the proper documentation giving you permission to practice without a license or permit, if required. Some of up to 1,000,000+. It is not worth it. What you would have cost you $500 or less just now cost you an arm and a leg, the kitchen sink, and a bag of chips. So take caution to all requirements regarding where your business is registered and where you do business at. It makes a difference!


  • Third Law to be aware of is General Business Law. I mean have the basics down when it comes to business. It’s like having a small dog and feeding it a pound of chocolate. Any dog owner knows you cannot do that without dyer consequences. Or, having a cat declawed, that has a major negative impact on a cat psyche, it makes them go psycho. So a business that cannot run without it’s captain steering. You have to know the basics to run your ship. I mean are you really going to go out to sea and NOT know at least how to steer it? Know your basics general laws. It is like eating, sleeping, and breathing. It is a must!


  • Fourth Law to know is Employment and Labor Laws. If you have a business and have employees you really need to have an understanding of your rights and their rights. It will differ between each state, and government. Know your rights and theirs and keep it within regulations. Now if you own a private company that is sovereign pay attention to union laws. It will be different for Private Members Associations.


  • Fifth Law to be conscious of is Mergers and Acquisitions. This is because if you ever decide to sell or buy other businesses, there are rules that apply and it is all in the paperwork. God and the Devil are in the details, so pay attention! Cross those “T’s” and dot those “i’s”, it will make or break you. Another thing, is to keep in mind is that it is different for every type of entity, state, and country. Be aware that only private businesses can only buy private businesses, and public businesses can only buy public businesses (Did you know that you can convert a private business to a public business, but you cannot convert a public business to a private business. Just like the song “HOTEL CALIFORNIA– you can come but you can never leave”).


  • Sixth Law to have an understanding of is Intellectual Property Laws. Make sure you are not infringing on another established company or that you are not infringed upon. Either option will greatly affect your business. Your business is your reputation. Make sure you are not breaking any legal statutes or Laws. Protect your property like you would your children.


  • Seventh Law to get a good grasp on is Contract Laws. Contracts are legally binding agreements. So, it would be wise to understand the basic concept of how contracts work let alone reading and comprehending one. It may be tedious but it will devour you if you do not have a conceptual idea of the operations of one. Especially the ramifications of breaking them!


  • Eighth Law to get down is Cyber Laws. Now that most of every type of business is going cyber in some form or fashion, you need to know how Cyber Laws work. It is a new development so many changes are being made and added to them. So keep your eyes peeled for any new info and be on top of it! This one is the one that cost the most because it is a violation of people‘s privacy, and no one likes that!


  • Ninth Law is Commercial Laws. The reason you want to know this one, is it deals with tangible and intangible property. So if you have a product that causes damage to another customer. Let me tell you this, it is not just a violation of legal statues it is a violation of LAND LAWS (Note: the 4 ways to violate Land Laws are bodily injuring another– intentional or not, rape, molestation, and murder– intentional or not). So this law has more weight than most. Know it!


  • Tenth Law to know is Government Laws. Did you know that every day over 10,000+ government laws are made and passed by congress. You can view all of it on Our team is still reading the laws. Too many to keep track of! That’s why it is about finding those loop-wholes, because there always is one. It is completely different for Private Sovereign businesses. They fall under much more simple laws. They only fall under LAND LAWS. They also have to have a Memorandum (Business handbook- it does require that you have certain factors in the handbook– easy to look up), Business Agreement (usually the state creates it for you when you file for a public business– private businesses do NOT file with state. By the way, Private Associations are filed with the state and usually for companies that require a license or practice or give advice in laws, business, or medical. P.A. is still part of an organization– corporation. In other sense it, too, falls under WATER LAWS), Membership Agreement (basically your terms & conditions– by the way, you cannot call your Membership Agreement as “terms & conditions”. Terms & Conditions is a legal term, also known as: Corporation Term. While, Membership is a Non-Organization Term– a private business that the government is Lawfully and legally NOT allowed to interfere!) You cannot have a lawyer if you own a NON-ORGANIZATION. Lawyers cannot exist in Land laws. The only time a Lawyer can represent a CITIZENS/PERSON/RESIDENT­ (Also known as in law­: a (dead) entity), or Entity– business, is if the organization does not have ownership of all 3 rights. Then, immediately you fall under water laws.


Did you know that United States was founded as a corporation in 1886. That was when they started to distribute Social Security Numbers to everyone to register the entity (signing away the sole/soul of human). Another name for it is Dun & Brad Street Number. For a business to be recognized as its own entity, instead of a company registered under another company– your social, you can call up Dun & Brad Street or file for one for your business online at The reason it is a commercial­– that’s what “.com” means, instead of government– that’s what “.gov” means, is because government laws fall under LAND LAWS and business falls under WATER LAWS. They operate differently. They are different colors of the laws. To add to it, have you ever heard of the expression “under color of law”? This is because WATER LAWS are actually under Red Hue Laws, LAND LAWS are under Yellow Hue Laws, and AIR LAWS are under Blue Hue Laws. They would not tell you this. There is also a cross over which is the blending of the 3 MAIN HUE laws, such as Orange Hue laws is kind of what some Americans operate under only. Depending on certain factors. Nature/Physic laws fall under Green Hue Laws, and Space/Quantum mechanics fall under Indigo Hue Laws. Now these Hue Laws are not fully accessible to the public at all. We are able to have noticed them through nature, and discoveries. Overall, these laws are kept hidden and unlawfully owned by private owners. Part of land rights is 9/10ths of the law which is the person who owns it can keep it if no one claims them. You also have to know who owns them to “serve them” to appear in court for the right to public access. So, with that said, it seems it shall remain hidden for some time.

In conclusion, get on it! Start learning the law with the same gusto you would if you had to fight for your survival. It is the bases of all laws. If you are not ascending you are descending– evolution or regression.

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